Tasting with Tara: Valor Coffee

Tara Goff, Graphics Co-Captain

The glass cups and metal straws complete the modern aesthetic of the store. (Screenshot from @valor.coffee on Instagram)

When in need of a new study or homework environment, a coffee shop is my go-to place. 

Something about the crowd, with others around you typing away on their laptops with their earbuds in, is the most motivating way to get things done. My newest discovery is Valor Coffee in downtown Alpharetta. 

Everything about this shop, from the decorations to the employees to the product itself, is attractive. Located on the corner of the village, pedestrians are drawn to the initial outdoor appearance. With a decorative sign on the front door and a cozy patio, it is clear upon arrival that good vibes are in store. When you walk inside, the cheerful employees greet you enthusiastically, and there is a clear bohemian-like style present, with a disco ball, plants, modern white tables, and a wooden bar. Veronica Soroka, 12, was also pleased to stumble upon Valor, saying the store has “achieved a modern vibe that’s also cozy at the same time, which is hard to do but they mastered it incredibly.”  

My go-to order for any coffee shop is a simple iced coffee with oat milk, and Valor’s certainly did not disappoint. The coffee had a strong flavor, the oat milk was creamy, and the ice cubes were large, which I like so that the coffee does not get watered down. The cylindrical glasses and metal straws completed the look. I paired my coffee with the healthy breakfast cookie, made from oats, chia seeds, macadamia nuts, and white chocolate chips. While not actually sweet like a cookie, it was the perfect breakfast food for me. I loved the texture of the different ingredients, and the combination created a delicious flavor. It is definitely something I would try to replicate at home. As for the menu, Soroka says it is “unique and funky. The friendly baristas always give recommendations and make incredible coffee.” 

The bolded, colorful sign grabs the attention of those passing by, and the shop’s logo, featuring a smile, reflects what is inside. (Screenshot from @valor.coffee on Instagram)

Everything about Valor Coffee gets a 10/10 for me. Visiting the shop has become a weekend ritual, and next time I look forward to sitting outside on a nice fall day, perhaps with a special fall-flavored drink.