Fall Festivities 2021


capturing a moment with a scary witch at the Netherworld haunted. Picture by Drew Maddox

Drew Maddox, Staff Writer

Leaves are changing, and cooler weather is approaching; students at Roswell are partaking in many seasonal activities to soak in the best of the season. Some of the most popular festivities include visiting pumpkin patches, exploring haunted houses, and just enjoying the cool weather by taking walks or spending time outdoors. I surveyed students to see which fall activities are the best this year, and the results did not disappoint.   

Many fall-related activities combine enjoying the upcoming cooler weather. Although it is a traditional and straightforward activity, taking a trip to a pumpkin patch is one of the most popular activities every fall. Sophomore Kaisyn Vincoli enjoys pumpkin patches, “I go to a pumpkin patch with my family every year. I love going there because all my family from all over come together and enjoy the fall season together.” Some students prefer the warmer seasons, such as sophomore Leona Bartolomei, “watching scary movies while snuggled up in blankets is one of my favorite things to do during the cold weather.” No matter which weather you prefer, there is still a way to participate in exciting fall ventures. Baking pumpkin-flavored treats and Halloween-themed desserts is another favored activity from the comfort of one’s own home.  

Students favorite fall activities for the year, ranked from favorite to least favorite. Infographic by Drew Maddox

Fall festivities are incorporated during school as well. Homecoming occurred at the end of September and was a huge hit to start the fall season as it included a football game, dance, and the crowning of homecoming king and queen. Students who look forward to participating in fall sports such as cross country, lacrosse, tennis, and cheer are preparing for their seasons. As the football season concludes, students make sure to enjoy cheering on the Hornets for the last few games of the year. Artistic students also love the fall as they look forward to participating in the media centers annual pumpkin contest, where they decorate pumpkins for a winning prize.  

As it draws closer and closer to Halloween, students make sure to participate in spooky-themed activities. Planning Halloween costumes with friends is an important topic, and visiting haunted houses is a good scare. Some of the most popular ones in the Roswell area are NetherworldParanoia, and 13 Stories. Students also have a blast decorating their houses and even the school with fun Halloween crafts and decorations. During the spooky season, junior Helena Horwitz’s favorite holiday is Halloween. “My favorite thing to do near Halloween is watching scary movies with my mom because she always gets super scared, and it makes the night so much funnier.”  

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