Disney World – Empty the Bank or No Thanks


Since Disney World’s opening in 1971, the admission prices have increased exponentially. The price for one ticket has increased almost 156 dollars since the park opened. (Credit: Devyn Hlavek)

Devyn Hlavek

With the excitement and thrill of Disney come heavy crowds and high prices. After the negative changes that have taken place at Disney, people question whether Disney is still worth the price. The prices of entrance and amenities have increased with decreasing quality of food and aging rides.  

Since Disney World’s opening in 1971, the average price of a ticket has increased from $3.50 to $143. Sophomore Grace Ann Gearhart says, “once you factor in all the expenses of the hotel, food, and admissions the price adds up.” Not only do you have to pay extreme prices to enter the park, but then you must pay for average hotels and food that is priced high for the quality you are receiving. For the cheapest hotel at Disney, you must pay a minimum of 400 dollars. Also, not many people go to Disney alone, so for a family of 4 to enjoy the park, it costs around 1,000 dollars for a one-day experience. 

In addition to raising prices, Disney is providing less for what you receive at the price of admission.  Disney used to provide three free fast passes at a time per day. However, they have implemented a new system where you must pay upwards of 10 dollars just to have a fast pass for one ride. Also, Disney is spending less money on improving their rides, which makes the experience less enjoyable for older and younger visitors. As Sophomore Grace Ann Gearhart mentioned, “you have to wait in long lines and huge crowds for mediocre rides.” In many rides, like it’s a small world, you can see paint chipping off the walls and animatronics not functioning properly. To add, Disney does provide some special events like Mickeys Not so Scary Halloween Party and Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party. Sophomore Kaitlyn Kirksey says, “Disney has many special events, but the prices are increasing and the experience you receive is declining.” Disney’s food that was included in the events has changed from fresh sandwiches and chips to packaged cookies, and bagged chips.  

However, it’s important to remember that although Disney may no longer be worth the price, it’s still a great place to spend time with your family. Natalie Wilson, sophomore, mentioned, “you make tons of new memories and have fun with your family and friends.” No matter the cost, Disney will always provide amazing memories that will last a lifetime. 

Once the cost of everything adds up, the magical experience turns into a costly visit that is more expensive than other worldly experiences.  There are many places like the Grand Canyon or visiting a beach that are also amazing vacations and can be enjoyed for less money. At the end of the day, although Disney is a fun family experience, your money could be better spent elsewhere.  

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