Requiring vaccine to be employed?

Emerson Keith, Sports Editor

Fully Vaccinated and employed! (Credit: Emerson Keith)

Covid-19 is the virus that has taken down and ruined many jobs, families, and our regular day-to-day. Numbers have gone up and down for over a year now and scientists have been struggling with a way to fix this. Then it finally happened, the vaccination. The vaccine has been available to civilians for months now and since then, the numbers of cases have improved immensely. 

With many people deciding to get vaccinated, a lot of businesses and other public spaces have been able to open up. Now since Covid began to spread around the world, pretty much all public places have required masks, but I don’t think many expected to have to get a shot in order to be employed or to be educated. 

People all over the world have many different views on Covid. some think that masks should be mandatory, while others don’t. Some people also think that the vaccine is stupid but, some think that it is going to be very beneficial.  

Now there are some people that feel so strongly about the vaccine that they mandate it in order to be employed or even get an education. According to Emory University, the college is now mandating the vaccine to all students, faculty, and staff members. If they choose to reject the requirement, then they will be forced out. 

Many other colleges in other states are requiring this too except for schools in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Colleges aren’t the only place mandating the vaccine, many businesses are too. 

Roswell High School science teacher, Mrs. Glover answers the question of how she would feel if RHS mandated the vaccine in order to keep her job, “Vaccines are required for other things so I don’t see why if we have this issue in the world, why we can’t just add one more vaccination that is mandatory and just wipe it out that way.” Implying that it would not be a huge issue if this were to happen. There would be some people who end up leaving the school, but mostly not affect the school too much. 

In an article by Channel 2, they mention all of the businesses and colleges forcing the vaccine. One business being Delta Air Lines. Now Delta is more so strongly encouraging the vaccine to people more than requiring it. The article says, “Delta Airlines is going to start charging unvaccinated employees $200 a month.” There are hundreds of more businesses that have similar requirements and consequences just like this. 

While Covid may seem like it is coming to an end and more and more people keep “forgetting” about it, it is still a huge debate and issue in our world today and will most likely continue to stay this way.