Making scents out of candles


Credit: Bridget Frame

Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle are two of the most popular candle stores. Many people wonder which store has the best scents. Let’s put the candles to the test!


“Pumpkin woods” by Bath and Body Works:

Natalie’s Opinion: This is not a great candle. The scent is intense, and it smells like a craft store. It did not smell like pumpkin. It should have been called “craft store,” instead. The packaging of the candle is not very impressive. It looked cheap. The lid with an engraved pumpkin is a nice touch though. This candle gets ⅖ wicks.

Sahba’s Opinion: Unlike some other candles that produce an overpowering scent, this candle is much more subtle. It works great as a scent that has a mixture of spices in it that won’t completely take the room over with its unique smell. Although this candle may not be as strong as the other candles on this list, it’s great for adding a bit of life to any room. This candle gets ⅗ wicks.


“Pumpkin butter” by Yankee Candle:

Natalie’s Opinion: This candle is enjoyable. It smelled like pumpkin with a dash of spice. This is impressive because pumpkin-scented candles are a hit or a miss. The packaging is very sleek, simple and classy. If someone is looking for a candle that smells like a fall day, this is the candle for them. This candle gets ⅘  wicks.

Sahba’s Opinion: With its extremely strong scent, this candle will become an instant favorite for anyone who wants to have a candle that ensures any room gets the extra pizazz it needs. It has a perfect blend of pumpkin and cinnamon that creates a nice, soothing atmosphere. Not to mention, it has a woodwick wick, which makes the candle crackle as it burns. This candle gets 5/5 wicks.

“I like the Yankee [pumpkin] candle one more because it smells stronger and nicer than the other one,” said sophomore Will Schnauss.


“Sunny coconut” by Bath and Body Works:

Natalie’s Opinion: This candle is a blend of orange and coconut. It did not smell like coconut at all. In fact, it smelled like fruit punch you would drink as a child, which was disappointing. I did like the smell of the candle, however. The packaging is misleading as it has a picture of two sand dollars, which has nothing to do with orange and pineapple. Honestly, it was pretty ugly. I give this candle ⅗ wicks.

Sahba’s Opinion: While this candle doesn’t really smell like coconut, it is pretty enjoyable. This candle produces a scent similar to a fruit punch or candy flavor that is decently strong for such a small candle. While it does produce a nice scent, some people may find it a bit overpowering. This candle gets ⅘ wicks.


“Coconut beach” by Yankee Candle:

Natalie’s Opinion: This candle is perfect. It smelled like coconuts with a hint of a beachy tropical scent. The scent is just spot on and the packaging is simple. This mini candle has a pleasant  picture of two coconuts. I give this candle 4.5/5 wicks.

Sahba’s opinion: This candle is very polarizing. It seems to try to replicate a tropical hotel bathroom with the strange coconut scent, but there’s a sense of artificial flavoring that makes the candle a disappointment. While it does produce a nice scent, it seems to be a lingering one that might not be too welcoming after a while, similar to a bad aftertaste. Overall, this candle would only be recommended for someone strictly looking for a very specific artificial coconut scent. This candle gets ⅖ wicks.


If you’re looking for a fall scent, get “pumpkin butter” by Yankee Candle. If you would prefer a more summer-appropriate scent, try “sunny coconut” by Bath and Body Works.


Four candles were compared for scent and packaging. Credit: Sahba Ostovarravary

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