Paranoia is not perfect, but it is a fun time


Junior Sahba Ostovarravary holds junior Daniel Burge while standing next to an actor. Credit: Benjamin Ferris

Sahba Ostovarravary, Staff Writer

One of the most important things to do in October is going to a haunted house. The age old tradition is something that many people look forward to, and with all the different haunted houses in Georgia, finding the right one could be very difficult.

The entrance to Paranoia intrigues visitors. Credit: Sahba Ostovarravary

Paranoia is currently located on Marietta Highway in Canton, and is only about half an hour away from Roswell High School.  

The atmosphere as soon as anyone parks is chilling. With fog machines, actors in terrifying costumes and realistic props, Paranoia makes a good first impression. The actors actively try to scare guests by jumping into lines, and their excellent costumes sell the experience. 

There were two main attractions in Paranoia this year. The biggest haunted house is called “Quarantine”, which has guests entering a secret government facility that has been breached with monsters. The second haunted house is shorter, but is still well made. “Hexed” takes place inside of a swamp and has guests navigating through complete darkness with a dim lamp.

Seven people can enter Quarantine at once, and it is the longer of the two attractions. This attraction has flashing lights, fog machines and loud noises, so anyone that is sensitive to these things should not attend. After entering, people immediately enter to see two zombified guards that allow access into the facility. Guests are chased, followed, and terrified until the very end. One of the most memorable experiences inside of Paranoia would be the fog filled rooms. They’re very disorientating, and paired with strobe lights, they can be terrifying. Overall, Quarantine is a great haunted house and is perfect for anyone that is looking for a good scare.

Hexed is the smaller-side attraction that Paranoia offers. It also lets seven people in, and it starts off interestingly. The house is completely dark, and one person in any group is given a lantern to help navigate. There is much more of a focus on actors scaring people, and although it is still a good scare, the props can be cheesy and unrealistic sometimes. 

Paranoia is not perfect. It is easy to get confused trying to get through the different corridors and sometimes the props can be disappointing. The actors are very talented, but at times they break character. This ruins the immersion, and really pulls guests out of the world they paid to be in. 

Overall, Paranoia is a great haunted house. It’s affordable and relatively close to Roswell High School. It makes for the perfect first haunted house for people who want something scary but not abusive.