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Lunch from home vs. lunch from school

photo by Fernando Castillo

photo by Fernando Castillo

photo by Fernando Castillo

Fernando Castillo, Staff Writer, Member of Team-Building Leadership, Member of Graphics Team

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Like most high schools, lunch is served to the students in different segments. Roswell is split to four segments. Some classes like World Language have lunch or study hall in the first half and class in the whole second half. Some other classes, like English, has it the other way around with class, study hall and then lunch. Students can bring their own lunch to school or order food from the cafeteria. Whether it’s a homemade sandwich with a water bottle or pizza with fries and milk, it’s up to the student to decide what he or she wants to stay energized for two or three more classes during the day. Each of them has their own preferences.

I asked eighteen random people and only one of them buys lunch at school. It seems that most of the students eat food that they either made themselves, from their parents or just packed some that were bought from a store. There are plenty of good reasons why this may be the case. Not that anyone does notice, but there are huge lines formed for every space just to get pizza, chicken, subs, nachos or anything that’s on the menu. The food can sometimes be the same exact thing every day. And just to add to that, the lunch ladies must restock the food from time-to-time, further delaying the amount of time spent trying to get food. Possibilities are that students miss the food their parents make or that they want something simple or complex that they could make themselves. “I make my food and know what it is,” says senior Alondra Medrano. It’s true that some people don’t really know what it is they are eating. Some students think that the cafeteria food is rather “disgusting,” and it has been that way even after the government did everything in their power to ensure beneficial health to all. To add another point, if the teacher allows it, they can eat their packed food at any time.

For the people who prefer to eat school lunch, there isn’t a whole lot of them. Lunch from the cafeteria is primarily served for students and teachers if they don’t bring home lunch. Ever since the creation of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, the quality of food was being steadily improving to make sure that kids can get what they want. But students who order food daily or from time to time have some sort of difficulty while trying to order. Long lines are the issue here. Students are unlucky if they must go to the very back of a long line if they can’t make it there quick enough. Sometimes, a specific type of food (pepperoni pizza, for example) is not even there by the time they come.

However, there are also positives. Other than having something to eat, it is a good way to test your patience. Most students are the type that want things done fast and want things now, but sometimes slowing down could keep someone from going off the track. Also, who does not want to eat a slice of pizza every day? Other than those two, at least students and teachers alike can have something for lunch and not starve for the remainder of the day. Personally, I do enjoy eating lunch from the cafeteria. Although it is basically my only option since I rarely bring money to spend on vending machines, the food is good in my book.

To put it short, most students just like to bring food from their home. To those people, it is simple and easy. It is a quick source to replenish some of the energy used after working so hard. If it is from home, they know their food too well. Students who must eat lunch from the cafeteria would have to endure long waits, possibly get cut in line by other students and eat their relatively small lunch, depending on how much they order. Lunch brought from home is more beneficial to the students rather than getting food from the cafeteria.

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Lunch from home vs. lunch from school