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The Student News Site of Roswell High School

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The Student News Site of Roswell High School

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Fueling Education: Benefits of Vending Machines During Lunch Time

Freshman Abby Carter purchases a drink during A lunch from the cafeteria’s Dasani vending machine. (Credit: Karlie Zabrocki)

Policies regarding the use of vending machines varies from school to school. Roswell High School restricts the utilization of vending machines during lunch because they want to promote the school lunch. While some are fond of the vending machine restriction, others advocate for their presence during lunch.

In reality, vending machines can enrich students’ lunchtime experience.

Contrary to common misconceptions, school vending machines offer healthy food options such as low sugar and low-fat snacks. They have evolved over the years and are now offering numerous healthy options. These selections encourage healthy snacking because of the low sugar content. These snacks can limit kids’ access to unhealthy, high calorie food. In recent years, vending machines in schools have a vendor who restocks the vending machines, and by law, they are not allowed to pack the vending machine with high-calorie snacks. This is because, if a student were to buy a lot of these snacks, this would affect their diet because they would be consuming lots of unhealthy sugars and chemicals. As shown, incorporating vending machines during lunch not only provides healthy snacks but it also encourages healthy eating habits.

“I think people should be able to use the vending machines during lunch so they can have an option of a snack. Me personally, I don’t really like school lunch so I always grab a snack from a vending machine, but sometimes teachers tell me to go back to the cafeteria cause I’m not allowed to buy during lunch,” freshman Aurora Laucella said.

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Vending machines offer a convenient and accessible lunch option. Some kids have allergies or restrictions so they can’t eat from the cafeteria. To elaborate, some kids don’t even like the school lunch in general so majority of kids would want to get a snack from the vending machines.

From personal experience, I often forget to pack chips in my lunch. I will end up going and getting a snack from the school vending machines, so I’m not hungry. Vending machines can be a cheaper alternative to expensive school lunch. Kids don’t want to wait in school lunch lines either, most would rather get a vending machine snack.

Allowing vending machines at lunch is a practical and reasonable solution to address the variety of diets in the school. While health concerns may be valid, they don’t realize that school vending machines are already stocked with healthy options. Vending machines enhance convenience and accessibility, providing students with nutritious and healthy snack options.

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Karlie Zabrocki
Karlie Zabrocki, Staff Writer
Karlie Zabrocki is a freshman at Roswell, and this is her first year as a staff writer for The Sting. When she is not writing, she enjoys cheerleading, hanging out with her friends, spending time with her family, and traveling.

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