Virtual Reality future rapidly approaches


Vague timeline for the future of virtual reality Credit: Boss Magazine

Chloe Scott, Staff Writer

Practically everybody in this day and age have either heard of or tried Virtual Reality headsets. It requires for one to put on a headset that completely covers their vision, so that when the game turns on it looks like you’re in a completely different setting. I personally like VR from the few times that I’ve tried it because it feels like an escape from the pressures of real life. Ironic, considering that the point of the headset is to make you feel like that is your reality. 

When I attended the GSPA conference in Athens with my journalism class, a young lady spoke about the future of virtual reality in the form of sunglasses where people could check emails and drive at the same time. This interested me greatly and I went on to do my own research.

One article speaks about how VPL research plans for augmented and virtual reality to conform into one new experience to spread around the globe. They spoke about how they could use VR to face fears, for hiring interviews, to replace high street shopping and even to experience life on Mars.

By the time these changes start taking place, I’ll be in the midst of my 20s. I’ll be in the process of cementing my career and taking off towards my goal for success, and I’ll be able to invest in this technology if I want to. I can’t wait for the freedom and the experience that will come out of it.