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  • January 31Graduation date has been announced, set your calendars for May 21st seniors!
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  • January 29Stay warm Hornets!
The Student News Site of Roswell High School

The Sting

The Student News Site of Roswell High School

The Sting

All content by Chloe Scott
May this flower symbolize the impactful and beautiful lives of the loved ones society has painfully lost throughout history
Credit: Pinterest

The Effect of Notoriously Known Deaths on the Roswell Community

Chloe Scott March 9, 2020

Grief hits people in a variety of ways and at different times. Grief can cause people to become lost, forever searching for something to fill the empty void their loved one has left behind. The death of...

 Beautiful scenery in Scotland
Credit: CNN

Why I’m Tired of Tropical Vacations

Chloe Scott, Staff Writer December 20, 2019

Typically when I travel it’s always to a tropical/beachy area. The different areas I’ve been to like this include Aruba, different parts of California, the coast of Spain, and numerous beaches in Florida....

Vague timeline for the future of virtual reality
Credit: Boss Magazine

Virtual Reality future rapidly approaches

Chloe Scott, Staff Writer December 16, 2019

Practically everybody in this day and age have either heard of or tried Virtual Reality headsets. It requires for one to put on a headset that completely covers their vision, so that when the game turns...

YouTube is a job

Chloe Scott, Staff Writer December 8, 2019

YouTube is a free, global platform that people can creatively use to upload videos for public use and entertainment. It is common for people to go to YouTube for many reasons, such as for help on certain...

Infographic of the common fears of a child.
Credit: John Spencer

Drowning and spiders and clowns, oh my!

Chloe Scott, Staff Writer November 22, 2019

In order for something to make you afraid of it, it must surface feelings of anxiousness and fright. These feelings in turn causes people to act in one of two ways: fight or flight. This survival instinct...

Caption: Picture depicting the diversity of Georgia. | Credit: NewDesignIllustrations

A breakdown of Roswell’s demographic diversity

Chloe Scott October 28, 2019

Fulton County has had a predominantly white population ever since it was formed into existence. It was created in 1853, named after Hamilton Fulton, a railroad official who surveyed the Western and Atlantic...

High School recess provides nothing but positive consequences for students and schools

Chloe Scott, Staff Writer October 15, 2019

When asking my five year old sister what her favorite part of Kindergarten was, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her response was, “RECESS!” Being able to run around freely and burn off excess...

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