YouTube is a job

Chloe Scott, Staff Writer

YouTube is a free, global platform that people can creatively use to upload videos for public use and entertainment. It is common for people to go to YouTube for many reasons, such as for help on certain things such as building a bookshelf, room decor inspiration, life advice and typical entertainment–like viral challenges. Many teenagers and young adults pursue the act of making a YouTube channel in hopes of gaining a large fanbase for either notoriety or other personal desires. YouTube gets 30 million visitors a day, and one of the largest YouTubers on the platform, PewDiePie, has a total of 101 million subscribers with an average of 300 million views per month. In order for one to become as widely known as PewDiePie it takes a lot of commitment and originality, hence why YouTubers get paid. While not clearly stated, PewDiePie hinted that he makes around, “$3,400 per hour in a 40-hour work week – equaling nearly $7 million a year” ( YouTube being considered as a career choice is an attractive opportunity to many people because of the simplicity of the platform. However, others argue that it is an unfair advantage compared to those that go through school and work harder to get less pay. 

Taking a deeper dive into this debate, down below is a compilation of interviews I’ve compiled together from the opinions of Roswell High School students themselves on the topic.

Credit: Chloe Scott

From these answers we can infer that many young teenagers see YouTube as an inspirational platform to portray their lives and interests. Being able to have your voice heard is something that everyone wants, so these students are able to notice this. The determination that it takes is not a foreign concept to these students.