Frozen 2 is not worth the hype

I honestly was disappointed by Frozen 2. I think it was because I had such high expectations and I didn’t like the storyline. The movie takes place in an enchanted forest where Ana and Elsa are trying to save Arendale and restore peace between the Northuldra and Arendale. Unfortunately, within the storyline there are a lot of plot holes. I was very confused about some things in the plot. The movie just seemed very messy and rushed. The movie was purely just made so Disney could make more Frozen merchandise and advertising by adding unnecessary things to the movie that don’t have a big part. Also, I was annoyed by most of the characters during the movie. I did like the the pretty scenery and editing in the movie though. The music was pretty good, but it felt like they were trying too hard to be better than the first movie. Overall, I was very disappointed.