Review of Tara Westover’s memoir, “Educated”


Along with elegant wordplay, Westover utilizes the imagery of both the mountain she grew up on and a simple pencil in her cover art. Credit: Creative Commons

Literature fans have been raving about a new memoir that just recently hit the market. In a memoir about her life, titled “Educated”, Tara Westover detailed her experience with strict mormonism and intense familial solitude. When reading this, “The Glass Castle” comes to mind and it is an eye opening experience that many people live so secluded and dangerously paranoid. Westover has a very strong voice and tells her story in a respectful and objective manner that has made huge waves since “Educated” was published. One of the most shocking aspects was realizing that the same author who wrote the sophisticated piece you’re reading is the same little girl who grew up in the lawless anarchy described by the book. “Educated” was extremely well written and deserving all of the praise it has already received and more. I would highly recommend being on the lookout for any other works published by the wonderful Ms. Tara Westover.