Top NFL Draft Prospects


Ohio State Quarterback Justin Fields moments before injury level hit Photo Cred: Buckeyeswire

William Tribick

Recently, the world of football has been buzzing with excitement. Top tier players have entered the draft portal and plan to play during the 2021-2022 NFL season. With big names like Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields in the draft, many can only guess what team they will end up on. NFL fans all over hope that the next big name will be drafted to their team and lead their team to the Super Bowl. NFL teams all over the country are crossing their fingers and hoping that they will have their next franchise player.


Before the loss to Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl, Trevor Lawrence seemed to have the first pick spot in the draft without a doubt. But when Ohio State quarterback Justin Field took the field, he was on a whole different level, even after experiencing some hard hits from the Clemson defense. “It was crazy,” says RHS Football player Joey Barnes. “It was courageous for Justin to keep playing after that hit.” After experiencing that injury-inducing blow late in the first half, Justin came back on the field and was a different beast. He threw four more touchdowns, making that six total on the game, which was a Sugar Bowl record. This Stateline will be a big factor for NFL scouts and shows that Justin can be a franchise quarterback even after sustaining large hits. 


Despite the bad Sugar Bowl game, Trevor Lawrence has been known for being a top-tier quarterback for Clemson. Lawrence made the National Championship two times in his three-season college football career and won the championship in his freshman season. He led Clemson to the playoffs every year he played. Lawrence was a stud for Clemson, with just over 10,000 passing yards and 90 career touchdowns. Lawrence will do well in the NFL if he keeps up this work.