Naptime makes an appearance on the RHS course catalogue


Excitement rises when students spot new elective in the course catalog Photo Credit: Kai Smith

Kai Smith

As a result of student suggestions on a poll found on the Roswell High School Instagram, a new naptime elective has been added for the 2022-2023 course selection. The class will be held in the auxiliary gym during fourth period to allow for the longest nap possible. Students will be provided with sleeping mats and blankets, or have the option to bring their own. Unfortunately for underclassmen, this elective will only be available for juniors and seniors because “the juniors and seniors have more on their plates than the other grades,” says Dr. Shaw, “the stress of SATs, ACTs, and the upcoming college transition is more than enough to want a well-deserved nap.” 

The elective will function differently from other classes at RHS. The ‘class’ is only held three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. “We might be encouraging napping but we also want to encourage students to do their work,” Dr. Shaw says. The students will have a free period on Tuesdays and Thursdays to hopefully complete homework or anything else they have to finish. “I definitely think that [the class] will help to relieve some of the stress I have during the week. It’s more helpful to have a dedicated elective than putting your head down in another class and risking missing something important,” says upcoming senior Kris Harrington.  

Many students, like Harrington, are looking forward to the class. “No doubt a ton of people signed up,” sophomore Jess Newman says. Newman adds, “It’s going to be funny trying to imagine all the kids just sleeping on the floor.” While some might wonder the reason behind the class being added, others are just curious about what the school might add next. “Personally, I would love something like a petting zoo. It would be nice to have a farm at school,” Newman laughs.