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The Student News Site of Roswell High School

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Oscars Controversy: The Barbie Movie

Scene from the “Barbie” movie, with Margot Robbie (Barbie) and Ryan Gosling ( Ken) in a car together, traveling towards the real world. (Credit @wbpictures on X)

On July 21, 2023, the “Barbie” movie came out. The “Barbie” movie was a huge success and was amazing at the box office. The main character of the movie is Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, with her counterpart, Ken who is played by Ryan Gosling. The movie touched on many pressing topics, such as the favoritism of men in the work scene, and how women are often seen as “accessories” to men.

As for the 2024 Oscar nominations, the “Barbie” movie was one of the ten films to be nominated for the best picture, which has stirred up some controversy. However, this isn’t the biggest controversy regarding the “Barbie” movie. The main controversy came from the nominations. Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig who were the leading stars and director respectively, both didn’t get nomination while the co-star Ryan Gosling did.

Many people have spoken out about the unfavorable results. They are claiming that by not giving Margot and Greta nominations and giving Ryan one instead proves what the “Barbie” movie was pointing out, which was the fact that people favor men over women. Some people may claim that Ryan did a better job portraying his character than Margot and Greta, however Ryan has spoken out claiming that without Margot and Greta there would be no” Barbie” movie.

Margot Robbie as Barbie sitting in her pink car, while smiling at the camera during the shooting of the movie. (Credit: @wbpictures on X)

People have also been arguing that the “Barbie” movie got enough nominations and that they don’t need anymore. Which is true in the fact that the movie got a lot of nominations, some of the nominations that the “Barbie” movie has been nominated for include best adapted screenplay, best production design, and best costume design, but those nominations weren’t for Margot and Greta, they were for the movie in general. The actors/producers put in a lot of effort into the movie, especially Margot and Greta, but they got no nominations.

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In the end, the critics proved the point that the “Barbie” movie was making. Margot Robbie did an amazing job with playing Barbie. She portrayed Barbie in a great way, and she played the doll in a way that brought her to life and made her relatable. Greta Gerwig did a great job with writing the movie as well. She wrote the movie in a way where it would touch upon some sensitive subjects, but without being to brazen and insensitive. They both brought life to the movie and made it better. The “Barbie” movie wouldn’t be the “Barbie” movie we know today if it wasn’t for Margot and Greta. By not giving them an award, they are strengthening the point the “Barbie” movie was making and is also pointing out the unfairness within the movie industry. Hopefully this will raise awareness alongside the movie on how unfair the work industry is. Shows and movies like these get hatred solely for the fact that they raise awareness of pressing issues. Greta and Margot did a phenomenal job with the “Barbie” movie and deserved a nomination for this upcoming Oscars.

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