Places in the Roswell area have begun decorating for Christmas, why? Is it too early?


Christmas is a time for celebration and has many meaning and connotations to different people. Pic Credit: Unsplash

Ansley Tanner, Staff Writer

Every year, Thanksgiving is relatively in the middle of the month of November. However, this year, the holiday is the last week of the month. Not only does this take time away from the December holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah, it makes the school year seem to go by faster. 

Due to the lack of weeks in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, holiday decorations are already starting to go up around Roswell. Every year it seems like stores and malls decorate earlier and earlier; however, this year has been the earliest of all. Many students’ families already have Christmas trees up in their households, when it is usually their tradition to  go shopping for the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.

The holidays becoming more commercialized is also not helping the December holidays to come any slower. For example, Hallmark holiday movies play, Christmas music is on the radio and being released by artists and teachers decorate classrooms with ornaments and small Christmas trees. This year there were even holiday decorations up in stores like Hobby Lobby, Target and Party City before Halloween!

This is very controversial in that some students like seeing decorations before Thanksgiving, but some do not.

“I think Christamas decorations should wait to be put up until after Thanksgiving to appreciate the holiday,” sophomore Madelyn Agostini.

The final reason why the winter holidays came so early this year is the weather. Some are saying that Georgia skipped fall all together. The temperature dropped rapidly and within a week, the weather went from high 80’s to low 40’s. This coldness is making people want to cozy up by the fire, skip fall and Thanksgiving and jump right to December holidays. 

The amount of decorations that are already up, whether it be in the community or in school, are making students skip over the important holiday Thanksgiving and be stressed about final exams. This is the time of year when teachers like to wrap up units and test students so that they do not have to remember the subject over break, but, when teachers have the classrooms ready for the December holidays, they have their minds set on the end of the semester and exam preparation.

Students have very different opinions on the early holiday celebrating. Most of the students who are ready for winter holidays do not enjoy Thanksgiving as much as other students.