Review of Houck’s Grille Restaurant


The margarita flatbread pictured is one of the most popular appetizers at Houcks, and is definitely a must try when you attend the restaurant. photo credit – Katie Northenor

Katherine Northenor

Houck’s Grille is an American style sports bar and grill where many around the Roswell area go to watch a sports game or just for a nice night out with friends or family. It is open Tuesday (11am – 10pm) through Sunday (11am – 9pm). While considered a nice restaurant, it is also very casual, offering really nice dishes as well as common tavern meals.


The pricing is more expensive than if you were going to another sports bar such as TacoMac, but I personally think the quality and quantity of food per meal is much better than regularly offered at sports bars. This is definitely one of the main downsides of Houck’s, but the restaurant is also considered a nicer sports bar, so there is a reason behind their higher prices. 


One of their most popular dishes is their 6 oz. Petite filet which is served with swiss chard, heirloom tomatoes, burrata mozzarella, and balsamic reduction. My personal favorite whenever I attend Houck’s with my family is their traditional caesar salad or their chicken finger plate. 


I would rate Houck’s Grille a 4 out of 5 stars because their family-friendly and fun atmosphere makes for an amazing night out and their food is especially amazing. The only reason I wouldn’t give them a 5 out of 5 stars is because of their higher prices when compared to other restaurants similar to them. Overall, I would definitely recommend spending your next night out at Houck’s or order take-out from the restaurant on a night in.