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The Student News Site of Roswell High School

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Stanley Cups: Are They Worth the Hype?

Two different styles of the 40oz Stanley Cups are being displayed by two girls. (Credit: Food Network)
Two different styles of the 40oz Stanley Cup’s are being displayed by two girls. (Credit: Food Network)

In 2024 a new Starbucks partnered cup that was sold exclusively at Target dropped. People camped outside of Target all night to get this said cup. It caused customers to sprint through Target and jump over counters just to place their hands on one. This cup is none other than the Stanley Cup.

Stanley cups have been around for over 100 years, but what has suddenly made them so popular? In 2020 the cups got completely redesigned and came out with more colors and styles. The sales skyrocketed from making $70 million in 2019 to $750 million in 2023.

One major boost in sales was the popular TikTok made by @danimarielettering. She explains to us that her car unfortunately caught on fire and shows her viewers the damage. However, her Stanley cup was still in her cupholder and after checking it, the water still had ice in it. The Stanley company and owner reached out to her after watching her video and sent her free Stanley cups along with a brand-new car. This TikTok got over 94 million views and continues to grow today.

The Stanley Thirst Quencher Cup proves to be a reliable companion for hydration. Its durable and leakproof design makes it a popular choice for on-the-go hydration. The double-wall insulation keeps the drink inside at its desired temperature. Stanley cups can keep drinks cold for up to 11 hours and keep drinks warm up to 7 hours. The base of the cup is also made to fit in any car cup holder which has made people enjoy bringing them on the go. Another perk of the Stanley is that all parts of it are dishwasher friendly.

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The Stanley cup has a 5-star review on Amazon and many reviews praise the cup and its features. Joseph S. left an amazon review in January 2024 saying, “My daughter is absolutely in love with this cup! The size is perfect. Not huge enough to the point where she can barely carry it, but not tiny enough to the point where she has to refill it every five minutes. Also, she loves the straw. She says straws help her remember to drink water and stay hydrated. She thinks the color is pretty too! It is nice and subtle. One last thing! It keeps her drink cold! She filled up her Stanley and hours later, it is still cold! She only has one negative, and it has never happened to her, but she says she has seen it happen to others. This is why I am not taking off any stars. If the cup tips over, it will spill extremely quickly, causing a huge mess.”

From my own experience, I can fully understand the leak problem. When you fill the cup up fully, water can easily escape from the straw. Although, once some of the liquid is removed from the cup, the leaking will stop. Compared to a hydro flask water bottle, the handles on the Stanley make it easier to carry around and the size of the cup makes it easier to travel in cup holders. Although the Hydro flask might not leak as much, the Stanley Cup is more reliable and fashionable on the go.

The Stanley Thirst Quencher cup earns its place as a dependable option for staying refreshed throughout the day.

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